Episode Eight

I have just got home from a two week work trip and one of my goals was to draw each night while I was away. Instead of taking a book away, I instead focused on copying from the copy of Street Machine.
Of course, things come up and I didn’t get the pencils out each night but I did for the most part and a few things became apparent. I can’t draw wheels and I can’t draw in perspective.

Either way, I threw one up on Twitter and Street Machine liked and retweeted it. I guess that is the high point of my artistic career to date!

On to the drawings:

The first one. I was actually happier with this prior to adding the ‘shadow.’ 

Those wheels… Jesus Christ. 

I was actually super happy with this one. So happy I posted it to Twitter and got a like and retweet from Street Machine.

I wanted to try something that wasn’t a profile view. Unfortunately I couldn’t do what is a great photo justice and really need to read up on how perspective works.

The last one I drew before coming home. I somehow got the proportions all wrong and as a result it doesn’t look much like the source- more like a generic custom.

I blame work requirements rather than commitment to missing the one a day goal. Either way it was good to throw a few down in a short space of time.



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