Episode Nine

I have spent a decent amount of time over the last few weeks trying to work out where to go next.

I had been enrolled to return to university- taking on just the one subject via distance but the more I thought about it the less it seemed a viable option. I know: excuses, excuses, but work makes it tough which is only compounded by a young family and the ludicrous costs to study these days. And that is before I even start on the philosophical issues I have with universities right now…

Instead, I have been thinking about self guided study just to keep the wheels spinning. I know I need to resist the urge to ‘formalise’ drawing and choke the life out of it but at the same time development will only come through the endless grind. But what else could I be doing? Can this blog help to keep me honest and moving forward?

In addition to drawing, I really want to learn to pinstripe. I see a lot of cross over in the ability to pull smooth lines and I think investment in either would benefit the other. I know One Shot paints can be sourced in Australia and I think I should be able to get a simple kit plus instruction DVD for inside $200. I even have an old panel out the back from when I was learning to weld so no excuses really.

I also need to bone up on my art history. I have a good series of lectures from The Great Courses that I never finished prior to my trip to Italy and I really should revisit them. I need to borrow or buy a book a month just to read, enjoy and absorb. It should give me some pretty cool study opportunities too.

And as I write this, it becomes clear to me I have the resources available, I simply do not have a defined goal. If I am legit about this, I need to go away and sort it out- determine what those short and longer term goals are and set a plan for hitting them.

While that is going on, I have finally started the lessons on DrawaBox.com and been spending a bit of time with that. I have seen the Peter Han dynamic sketching video on YouTube previously, and even done a few of the exercises when starting out so it- at least through lesson one- isn’t full of foreign concepts. when I am done with lesson one, I intend on churning through the 250 box and 250 cylinder challenges before moving on. If nothing else, line confidence should improve!

What about local drawing classes? Honestly, I feel I am well off the pace to get any benefit from that right now and I don’t  even know if they are available in my local area. In time I might hit that point, but right now, no.

Then again, with NRL, AFL and Supercars seasons about to kick off maybe I should just sink beers and watch TV.



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