Episode Thirty Two

Lately I’ve been on a massive Twin Peaks bender. In the lead up to season three I watched pretty much all the Twin Peaks and David Lynch I could get my hands on. I’ve always liked more surreal stuff and the big stand out for me was the Man From Another Place- the little backwards talking dude. I believe there are reasons for him not being in the new season but regardless, I thought it could serve as a break from my recent Marvel drawings. 

Each lunch break I probably put thirty or forty minutes in and I decided to document as I went. Each picture was taken at the end of each break. Here it is:

I’m a scrub and still copying from photos. I drew up a pretty basic grid to make sure I got most of the proportions and features in the right spot. I use a 4h for this, just like when drawing my grids in Draw the Marvel Way.

I started to build in features and facial structure around grid. I start on the right as I am left handed and typically make a hell of a mess with graphite. I measure with my pencil, try and use plumb lines and basic units. It’s a developing skill. This was using a 2h.

Seemingly a big jump but still within the forty minutes. Each day I start by looking at the drawing and reworking what seems off to me. It’s not perfect and I’m sure there is better ways of tackling it but it is where I am at presently.

I suck at values. I really struggle to understand the underlying form and how the light plays. That was one big focus for me with this one and something I consider is lacking in the Marvel projects. A shorter days work- more refining and dropping some shadows in. They are light and I intend to build them as I go.

A whole lot of shading and with the contrast with the blank page and the whites in the eyes you could be excused for thing this is a Woodsman edition. I also marked the face in places and to be honest, I was pretty disappointed but hopeful it would balance once complete.

I still suck at hair. This is pretty much done and seems much more unified than the last days work. I’m a cheater so did blend with a tissue to before calling it done.

The finished drawing:

I’m actually pretty happy with it. Obviously not the greatest thing out to paper but a lot of fun, especially getting a bit more ‘painterly’ than relying purely on line. 

I also enjoyed taking the in progress shots and I hope it shows how we arrived here. Please get in touch if you have any ideas for how I could have and should have done better.

Thanks for looking,



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