Episode Thirty One

A short while ago I bought a camera. I knew we had a family holiday on the horizon and it seemed like a good excuse to finally take the plunge on the DSLR I had wanted for some time now. I have always enjoyed taking photos- much more than I enjoy looking at them- and the intersection between the science, maths and creativity required to take a good photo appeals to me.

Having said that, I am well aware of just how fleeting my interests can be so I was loathe to jump in too deeply. This saw me picking up a Nikon D3400 which should be more than enough camera for quite some time without requiring many thousands to be spent. Unfortunately, it seems the days of the kits including two lenses are over so I did have to take a further plunge on a bigger lens, leaving me with the included 18-55mm and 55-200mm which seems to rate well for bang for buck. Most of what I have read suggests buying lenses suited for what it is you want to shoot and at this stage I couldn’t even tell you what that is- I’m simply snapping away, playing with settings and lighting. We’ll see where it takes me.

Prior to heading overseas I did a decent amount of reading so I wasn’t shy in shooting off auto and visited a couple of local parks as well as playing in the back yard. Most of these were taken with the 55-200mm using the aperture priority setting to blur the background.

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Nitro Circus provided a change of pace. This proved frustrating- in most cases due to not only the distance from the subject, but also the low light. Some creative cropping hides the issue.

On to Bali. I really enjoyed shooting at different times of the day to see how the light played a part. I tried to shelve the flash where ever I could- I don’t know much about what is technically appealing but I did find it was much more attractive to my eye in most cases. It did cost me a couple of photos of the kids but otherwise it worked ok!

First off – the Bali Bird Park and Bali Zoo:

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One consistent error I make is in getting tricked by auto focus- sometimes I picks out the foreground and no matter how much I try and force the point I still get caught out from time to time. It did result in this happy accident which is one of my favourites from the trip: I’m sure it’s a cliche but meh. And the poor guy was pissed – pacing, growling, generally not a happy camper.


Next, the Barong dancers. A couple of different locations (shit got very weird in one but that’s another story). Shooting past heads was frustrating!

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I fell in love with architecture and sculpture- specifically public statues- when I visited Italy a couple of years ago. There are some amazing statues in Bali that I unfortunately could not get photos of- they were at round abouts and the like. I did muck around within our resort and did get the odd shot while out and about.

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Like everything, I have a whole lot to learn about photography and I am really looking forward to becoming more technically proficient as well as learning more about good composition. It is no secret these photos are those of a very beginner but I can’t wait to keep working at it. With the exception of the Nitro Circus shots, these are uncropped and otherwise unprocessed- if anyone has any advice for photo management and processing I am all ears!

Thanks for looking.




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