Episode Thirty

I am finally though the Draw the Marvel Way speed run! That’s not to suggest I am not enjoying the magazine it is just my OCD wasn’t satisfied with having a whole collection sitting there waiting to be worked through. 

Sure- there were short cuts, missed secondary tutorials and a more considered, diligent approach would have no doubt lead to improved results but there has definitely been progress and I’m looking forward to refocusing with issue twenty five.

On to the pics:

Luke Cage- the brush pen really punished me here with the nose and eyes… admittedly the proportions were all off anyway.

Thanos- I really focused on getting the construction right. I feel it was a more simplistic design without massively exaggerated proportions despite the foreshortening which made it a perfect candidate. I also tried to better draw the hands. Really happy with how it turned out:

Dare Devil- one of the more dynamic poses so far which was a lot of fine and allowed me to hide my weaknesses- the face behind the arm and hand position. My line work was a little shaky which was most likely a result of doing it with one eye on a football game.  

I also really liked this prior to hitting it with the brush pen with the pencils showing through:

Finally: Storm. I’m up to date! Outside of the common complaint of hands it isn’t terrible. The face is a little wonky and I’ve a bit confused as to why I struggle so much. I believe it is partially due to the small size and using the 0.1 fine liner may be just a touch too big. I also feel my placement is often not quite right. Also, I think I am falling in to the trap of all of my bodies looking quite similar- I need to be aware of this and make sure the figures don’t suffer from everyone having a ‘man’ body. Just something to be aware of.

So where to now?

I do want to spend a bit of time on a couple of projects and maybe even a car or two. Aside from drawing, my pinstriping stuff is ready to go and I have been taking a few photos here and there. I’m hopeful of making a post about that soon but otherwise a couple of them have made their way to my Instagram.

Also, I never did my year review activities so I might try and get them out within the next couple of weeks. I’m super curious to see how it compares to last year!

Until then,



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