Episode Twenty Eight

I’m still trying!! 

Between work and university (and other family stuff) I seem to be having all kinds of difficulty finding the time to actually draw.  I am still at it and still working through Draw the Marvel Way.

I realised the other day I haven’t done my yearly review activities and I’m hoping to get to these during a period of time off work in June. If I get on top of other things I may even get it out prior to then- who knows? Also, issue twenty of Draw Marvel came out last week so I should really be doing a periodic review of that too. I had been getting quite frustrated as I seem to be making all the same mistakes (rushing, screwy faces etc) and going no where fast. I’m pretty sure when I take a deep breath I’ll see that I am moving forward but I will save all that for another post.

Pics of most recent stuff… all Marvel all the time lately unfortunately. I’m hoping to spend a bit of time with hot rods soon (and finally get that pin striping brush wet).

A dodgy faced Thor, poorly aligned hammer and some suspect inking. 

The opportunity to draw something other than a human face was a welcome distraction. I actually learnt a bit doing this even though it wears my typical hallmarks of illogical line weights and poorly conceived extremities. That aside- I enjoyed it.

A (recently anyway) rare attempt at a secondary exercise. I wanted to just think about facial features in a bit more detail. The proportions are off but o think it was a big help for the next Gamora tutorial.

Other than the dodgy as hell hood, I’m super happy with this. Face, ink and line weight. There is of course things I can fix and certainly things I can continue to improve.

I have skipped a few of the secondary tuts of late in an effort to catch up with the back issues which may seem a bit counter intuitive. I don’t have huge wealth of time and the OCD in me means I’m not cool with having a mountain of unopened issues sitting on the shelf. Once I’m back to scratch I am hoping to draw a few things that aren’t comic characters and get back in to studying a few books. Some of the additional stuff in the magazine such as the collection of facial expressions will be super helpful and warrant a revisit later one.

Fingers crossed I get some more spare time soon!



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