Episode Twenty Seven

March already and I feel like I am about six months behind with just about everything.  I have been working hard to climb on top of the ball, especially catching up with Draw the Marvel Way which, to be honest, has dominated my time drawing of late. It’s also caused a little frustration- my most recent, admittedly rushed effort, highlighting just how poor my hands and faces remain to do. I think once I’m caught up, How to Draw the Head and Hands from Loomis will be added to the collection.

A quick note before the pics: I have also been doing the secondary tutorials each issue with varying degrees of success- I just noticed I don’t have photos which I may add in future.

Super happy with this one- not perfect but I think it is pretty solid.

I decided not to ink this one. Partially it was a time thing, partially because I liked the working lines. I may revisit it at some stage but I felt like I was getting somewhere.

And this just didn’t work… the face is an abortion, the hands terrible. I really didn’t want to post it but I think it’s important to do so. The facial proportions are way off, what should be simple suggestions of features are heavy handed. I’m not entirely sure how to fix it or really why I get it so wrong but to call it frustrating is an understatement. I know I rushed a little but I somehow shrunk the whole thing too.

Never the less, a few more issues before I’ve caught up. I’ll keep trying!



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