Episode Twenty Three

Being away from home has certainly slowed down my efforts to follow Draw The Marvel Way but the good news is it hasn’t stopped. 

Because I have to ration it a little bit (my wife has sent issue 10 though!) I decided to only get it out on the weekend with the rest of my time being devoted to finally cracking Robertson’s How To Draw.

First up, the eye study. Full disclosure, this was done in less than ideal circumstances, crouched over a bed, sitting on the floor… I might revisit it one day:

Next up was Kraven and I promised to find a desk for this one! I took things slow, thought about what the underlying shapes actually meant and bashed it out in one around three hour sitting. I think it was my best framework yet:

Which perhaps not surprisingly resulted in my best overall effort yet:

Maybe my other exercises are paying off, maybe being a little gentler and freer with the pencil helped, I don’t know- either way, happy days.

God only knows when mail is coming in so I can’t promise much with regards to these drawings. I may post my thoughts about How to Draw or I may just wait until it’s done for another of my pseudo reviews. 

Thanks again for looking.



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