Episode Twenty Two

More Draw the Marvel Way and not a whole lot of additional study lately. I have completely stalled on Robertson’s How to Draw and instead I have been reading Norling’s Perspective Made Easy. I say reading because I have elected to skip over the exercises the first time through and will go over them on a second reading.

All in all, a much more successful couple of exercises this week- the change in grid size continues to frustrate when doing figures (it shrinks between the framework and the rest of the steps) as well as the occasional lack of explanation. Despite this, I think I’m generally improving so I shouldn’t be too downhearted- plus posting them to social media helps keep me motivated.

On to the drawings:

Inking allowed me to tidy some lines and make a few corrections. No complaints with this really.

I took a breath and spent a whole lot of time setting out the framework and initial shapes. I think it paid off.

Again, I made some corrections when inking and tried to play a little more with the line weights from the brush pen- I’m getting there. Unfortunately I made a terrible error with the shield which I tried to fix up a little with a white pen but there’s a lesson there- thick lines aren’t the answer to shitty shapes! I know the placement of the star is off and the hand needs a bit more concentration but at least the face is an improvement on the Black Cat drawing last post. I think the 0.1 fineliner helped there.

Also, I watched a YouTube video of Draw Comics The Marvel Way and I think it’s a benefit for anyone following this serial. It doesn’t marry up perfectly with what is taught in the magazine but it does build more on gesture and a few other aspects that I found pretty helpful. I am kind of curious why the magazine doesn’t go with geometric shapes instead of blobs over a framework but I’m sure there’s a reason.

Unfortunately I am about to head overseas for a couple of months so my Marvel drawings will slow down during that period- I just won’t have access to it until I get home. I will be sure to catch up as soon as possible and will of course post here. In the meantime I will be focusing big time on perspective- I’m hoping to work through both Norling and Robertson while I’m away- as well as a few random drawings of pretty much whatever catches my attention. Hopefully there will be some pretty positive progression that will carry over when I’m back!

I do have Issue Nine of Draw the Marvel Way on the table and I do have a little time at home left so I’m hoping to get through that before I depart. Again, thanks for looking.



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