Episode Twenty One

This is almost a cry for help. 

I’m through seven issues of Draw the Marvel Way and although I am definitely improving I am still utterly hopeless when it comes to drawing the faces of the figures.

I’m aware of both Loomis’ and Betty Edwards facial proportions and positioning rules, I’ve drawn a few portraits, but for some reason the moment I come to the faces of these guys I forget everything.

Perhaps I’m rushing to finish. Perhaps I just need to take a breath and pay it the time and respect it deserves. Maybe I’m convincing myself I’m going to botch it before I even touch the paper and it is a self fulfilling prophecy. I am using a fine fineliner, I think I’m using a soft touch but maybe I’m just still being too heavy handed… it is really starting to bother me.

The positives: I’m pretty happy with the figure itself and the inking. Both this and the Halloween drawing really encourage me to push my values more in graphite- the darker tone just pops everything. 

I also think the hands are the best I have done yet and in many ways I think this was due to a light touch and using more suggestion than trying to do too much. Maybe those earlier hand studies helped!

Speaking of which, issue seven also contained a couple of torso studies. While the floating heads are more enjoyable these breakdowns do allow me to think through problem areas in more detail. They do highlight the ‘draw the rest of the owl’ instruction style- more could definitely be explained- and I certainly don’t strive for finished work but from an education standpoint I feel they offer more than the heads. That said, I can’t wait to crack out the Cyclops in issue 8!

So, I’ll keep on keeping on but if you’ve got any advice for improving the faces or improving literally anything, please comment or get in touch via social media. I need all the help I can get!



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