Episode Nineteen

Buoyed by the last drawing, I decided to stay automotive but go back to where I started and came up with this:

Perhaps I was too happy with it because I absolutely hated my Draw the Marvel Way worth this fortnight. I think there were a few contributing factors… drawing with a toddler kicking around my feet, drawing at night with a beer in hand…

I did pick up a couple of new fineliners, what I thought was a 0.1 and a 0.8 but turned out to be a 0.25 and 0.5 due to Sakura’s zany labelling efforts. I’m not sure if I’m just unlucky and got a lemon but the 8 could be the worst pen I’ve used to date. Maybe I was just disappointed by the rest of my work- a shame because I was really keen to give the Iron Man a go after seeing other people’s attempts on Instagram.

It started well…

And to be honest, even the inking was alright until I had to draw the damn face. I really suck at this finer detail and it has been a low point in the last few attempts at figures. Maybe I’m too heavy handed, maybe I need to slow down and take more time with it… Or just not be so hard of myself- this is just mileage at the end of the day!

And as with the last issue, another study in leiu of floating heads. Not a bad thing but I did find myself a little confused at times as to where to start. I think in future I might incorporate an anatomy book I have lying around in to these efforts. Hopefully it will add clarity and not leave me even further mystified.

I did attempt to use the brush pen to add some interest in line weight and shading and I think this is definitely something I will persist with.

I’m hoping to put a Halloween piece together and stretch myself by not working directly from a tutorial or reference so hopefully I’ll get it done in time for Halloween! I think it will be the first time I’ve had to employ some imagination so it should be fun if nothing else.



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