Episode Eighteen

This is a little unconventional for me, but I feel I made some significant headway with this one.

Last week I decided to take a break from Robertson’s book and go back to the beginning for me- drawing cars. I had a picture of a Bugatti that I saved months ago but liked the swoopy lines and colour scheme which I thought would help me to better understand shading.

I don’t use a grid system as such when drawing from photos but I do take some key measurements to ensure I get the proportions close to right. I do deviate slightly to suit my eye but generally it provides the frame work. 

After about a weeks worth of lunch breaks I arrived here:

Even at that stage I was pretty happy with myself. The time spent in the wheels gave me the confidence to continue with the body work. Usually, I’m terrified of ruining a sketch but I figured I was starting to understand and the only way to get better is to try…

I tried to limit it to a couple of values, using an eraser for highlights. I think I could, and should, go darker to make it pop more and there are some issues of accuracy and understanding of form. The cut out in the lower sill is a particular missed opportunity. Otherwise, I honestly feel this is my best overall work to date and I’m feeling pretty impressed with myself. I know there is things I could do better and certainly things I would do differently next time but it gives me hope and reinforces that I am learning and I am getting better. I’m certainly not ready to design cars from imagination but maybe, just maybe, one day soon I will be able to.

Having said all that, perhaps the biggest thing I learned from this was patience. It took me another week worth of lunch breaks to shade it. I never said the goal was to be quick!



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