Episode Seventeen

Issue five of Draw the Marvel Way saw a slight break away from the usual with the floating head being replaced by a tutorial focusing on three different hands- poses and styles.

While I typically enjoy the heads, it was good to spend a bit of time on something I’m not at all familiar with. I also used the opportunity to review the earlier discussion of drawing hands.

The main show revolved around Dr Doom. I like am always impressed by drawings of fabrics with all of the intricacies so it was pretty cool to give this a go. I also spent a little more time on drawing the face as it was something I wasn’t stoked with on my Black Widow and Hulk attempts. I also inked with a 0.3 rather than a 0.5 fine liner but I still feel I’m a bit heavy handed- I really need to work on a lighter touch.

Overall, I think things are beginning to fall in to place. I’m starting to think a bit more towards the finished product rather than just throwing down the basic shapes in the earlier stages of the drawing. This is helping approximate the form and then refine as I go. I’m not a massive comic fan so I’m typically not that well informed about the finished product and peeking forward is something I will be sure to do more of in future to better understand the subject.

For the magazine itself, I’m really enjoying the series despite sometimes wishing things were better explained. My only slight on it so far is a lack of explanation for some of the equipment that comes with it- why do I need tracing paper or the decal fx sheet? How the hell do I use those anyway? Even the French curves- nice enough- but how about a bit more than just use this for Thor’s hair! The rest- the colouring pencils and fineliners- just go in the box. I’d rather use my other stuff.

I’ll pick up issue six after work and will hopefully have a new post next week with more Marvel stuff. I am also continuing other projects and should have a post on that before the weekend.



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