Episode Sixteen

This update comes a bit sooner than expected. I had taken a couple of days off work with the intention of getting out mountain biking… and then it rained and rained. 

So instead- How to Draw the Marvel Way issue four. A little different this time with an opportunity to draw Black Widow (my first attempt at a female form) and an Iron Man floating head.

Unfortunately, perhaps due to the drawing being too small, using a 0.5 fine liner or just being clumsy, I was unhappy with the face and the hands. This was the same issue I had with my last Hulk drawing so I decided to do larger redraws. I need to keep working on this. 

I was quite happy with the brush pen shading which added to what was a pretty boring looking collection of lines in the end.

Initially I was pretty disappointed with this but every time I look at it I feel better about it. I think it is the first time I used ellipse guides too, even if they weren’t the packed in ones with the last issue!

Thanks for looking and a massive thank you to everyone who has been liking these images on either Instagram or Twitter. It might seem insignificant, but it is really keeping me motivated. This is becoming a regular thing so in addition to other exercises I’ll be sure to post each effort as the magazine is released.



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