Episode Fifteen

Draw the Marvel Way issue three focused on the Hulk and Thor. 

Despite all warnings about making sure everything was in perspective I drew the initial grid wrong for the Hulk meaning he wasn’t as tall as intended. I contemplated drawing him again but instead just berated myself and promised not to do it again.

I was really looking forward to drawing him with what I assumed would be more simple musculature and the costume that wasn’t simple painted on. I did get a bit thrown off by the foreshortened view of his hand and completely botched the fist, so did spent some time drawing the hands included in the additional tutorial. More work needed!

The profile Thor was a whole lot of fun to draw but frustrating that they changed the size half way through, confusing the grid reference points. I also made a couple of mistakes inking so that sucks. I tried to mix up the line weight a bit and added a bit of shading because just the lines on paper was a bit uninspiring.

I have been posting these to Instagram and Twitter so thanks for all the likes. It’ll be a fortnightly thing so if even half of the likes turn in to follows I’ll be stoked.

Next issue will see he opportunity to draw a female figure which should confuse me no end given how poor more males have been, and an Iron Man floating head. I’m very keen to give it a go and really enjoying this serial. It makes a good change from the more technical instruction and seems to be well received across other social media platforms.

Until then.



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