Episode Fourteen

It is always a milestone for me when I finish a sketchbook. The whole reason I choose to invest in books rather than just use printer paper is so I can track my progress- plus for the cost and at the rate I fill them, is it really that expensive?

Being only my second sketchbook, it is largely filled with basic exercises, a few ‘finished’ drawings and a couple of aborted pages. Dated January to August 16 it has exercises from Keys to Drawing, How to Draw Superheroes, Draw a Box and the first couple of chapters of Robertson’s How to Draw. It’s pretty unfocused if I’m being honest and if anything it is really just mileage which isn’t a terrible thing given where I’m at.

On to the drawings:

A pretty good indicator of where I was at in January of this year. Terrible stuff from a photo from Vikings.

Trying to understand drapery. If I remember rightly, this was a direct copy.

A copy of a drawing found online. I was trying to understand hatching and forms. Despite not achieving the aim, I’m still pretty happy with it.

Then I went away on work for a couple of weeks and drew a car from Street Machine most nights- this is a few of the better ones.

Another drawing from a photo- this time Star Wars and a bit better than the Vikings effort! Obviously still flawed and a pretty heavy reliance on gridding for the face at least.

I still dream of being able to shade and render to demonstrate forms. I still suck. I copied this photo because it had very stark lighting. Still improving!

And then for something different… Good fun.

And finally a simple ‘portrait’ following the instruction within Andy Fish’s How to Draw Superheroes.

Overall, even this simple review this morning has reminded me that I am actually progressing. It might be slow, but it is improving and I’m still having fun. With a book at home and one at work, plus the ongoing projects of the Marvel serial and How to Draw I’m hoping my next review post wont be too far away!



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