Episode Thirteen

Issue two of the Draw the Marvel Way focused on drawing a Wolverine figure and another floating head- this time Scarlet Witch.

I pretty much tackled it as described, I didn’t adjust it but I did try to apply some hatching shown to add a bit more depth. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with it.

The Wolverine figure was reportedly more difficult due to being a slightly rotated pose. Unfortunately, there was no real description of how this works and why. I’m assuming this will be a common trend with this serial- avoiding jargon and more technical instruction- and instead of worrying about it, I am going to embrace it.  Draw the rest of the owl… For more technical descriptions there is always going to be better text books and I guess to delve to deeply would just result in confusion and undermine the aim of the serial.

Anyway… I actually drew Wolverine twice. The first one lead to my son laughing at the effort but did have the fun side affect of giving him a pretty solid comb over. 

The next, more focused, attempt worked better but is still a long way from perfect. Lesson learnt- don’t draw while looking after a toddler and more measuring.

I’m still studying Robertson’s How to Draw and closing in on finishing another sketchbook so I’m hoping to post that before my next Marvel post.



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