Episode Twelve

As a bit of a sideline to my more involved study (Robertson’s How to Draw hurts my head some days) I’ll be picking up the Draw the Marvel Way fortnightly. I know some recoil at the price and I’m sure the included supplies will be shit but it breaks things up and has the added advantage of the young fella getting involved.

First impressions are that its actually not too bad. It seems to consider construction without really explaining the why. As a stand alone effort it is a little better than ‘draw the rest of the owl’ but could explain the underpinnings better. This is typified by the dodgy draw geometric shapes part… A bit of a waste without any discussion of perspective at all.

On to the drawings:

Spider-Man in seven steps apparently… My first ever full figure if you could call it that. 

Captain America which is a little more in my wheel house as I seem to fall back on drawing faces right now. Pretty happy with it despite the errors- I shortened it a little from the guide which looks better to my eye.

I’ll post the next issue- which I just picked up today- sometime over the next couple of weeks.



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