Episode Ten

So it’s been a while and after a quick read of my last post thinking the wheels had come off may be the logical conclusion. Thankfully that isn’t the case. I’m still trying.

I did do that whole 250 cube challenge on DrawaBox.com and I did move on to the next lesson prior to being sent away from home for a short period on work. Rather than continuing on with that, I have instead ordered a copy of How To Draw by Scott Robertson (I already have How to Render sitting on the shelf unread). I am actually super keen to dive in to that book and really work on my cars. That was always the goal and I am looking forward to hopefully seeing big improvement on that front. If it goes anywhere near my improvement on drawing faces over the last twelve months, I will be stoked.

Speaking of the last twelve months, my earliest sketch in my first sketch book is from May 2015. While I’m sure I was scribbling on printer paper prior to that, it is the closest thing I have to a starting point. I guess there is some merit to dating your work- even if it is scribble in a sketch book – after all. I have always thought it would be good to revisit some of my favourite exercises from when I started out to see how I’ve progressed- a little bit like those progression memes from Reddit or 4Chan or where ever it was they spawned from. While my new book is in the post I will do a couple and be sure to post the results here- I’m expecting a pretty significant improvement but will post regardless.

Also, I have been looking at putting up a new drawing each week on a Friday that deviates from whatever else I was working on- yep, shitty fanart pieces here I come! To date, I’ve been enjoying that and although it exposes a number of weaknesses in my skillset, I’m enjoying it. Just due to how I use technology, primarily posting and photographing from my phone, these will be thrown on my Twitter. It’s simply the easiest platform to quickly upload to. I have a whole host of things on the go that are rarely used- DeviantArt (fucking absolutely painful to upload to), Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and here and if I get around to it I will post the links here. In the meantime, if you are interested in taking a look all use the common Emmdot name.  This humble blog is certainly where I post the more detailed thoughts.

As for my dodgy photos, I did consider buying a scanner but then my wife laughed at me, so I didn’t. Gotta love family support! Maybe one day I’ll be putting down marks that actually warrant a higher fidelity image.


P.S – http://www.learning-to-see.co.uk/

You might have noticed a small link farm developing on another page of this blog- I can’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned it before. Basically, I use it like my own little directory of links to (primarily) blogs that have caught my eye and I find either informative, inspirational or both. Most recently I stumbled across the link above and I really like how it reinforces and builds on fundamental aspects which are pretty relevant to me and where I am at with my own drawing.



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