Episode Three

I started drawing earlier in the year- probably around May- when I changed departments at work. The main idea was really just to keep myself occupied during lunch breaks but I had intended to learn to draw while deployed last year- it just fell by the wayside as things like this tend to do. To be honest, I think I spent all of about twenty minutes drawing on the whole trip. I just wasn’t focused and didn’t know how to learn.

Perhaps embarrassingly a lot of my guidance to date has come from 4chan’s artwork board.  The sticky there introduced me to Fun With A Pencil, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and Keys to Drawing. I never picked up the Loomis book other than drawing a few pages of Loomies or whatever but threw myself in to the other two (I’m still working through Keys).

I’ve got a tendency to move in and out of projects but I’ve  kept fairly disciplined and have finished my first sketchbook. As far as materials, it is just some cheap spiral bound job I got from Riot, scribbled in with some Derwent Academy pencils. As far as my hobbies go, so far so good with this one.

Below are a few of my favourites from this book. I’m in no way saying these are good, but I’ve improved and they are encouraging enough to keep trying to get better. Obviously this is acknowledgement I have a long way to go.

First up:


I followed an online tutorial for digital rendering and pretty much stopped once he progressed to the rendering stages. Like I say, heaps wrong with it but enough for me to keep going. Plus it showed me the importance of blocking in with big, basic shapes.

Next I drew this HQ wagon from a photo:


I used some of the techniques from the tutorial, blocking in
two rectangles to establish proportions. I made changes from the photo, lowering it, big rims, sun visor but have no idea how to shade correctly.

While I was toying with drawing cars, a big focus- bigger than cars- was studying Drawing on the Right Side and working on faces. This one was a quick sketch I did at the end of a break but I was starting to get a little bit of an idea about forms:


I also tried to draw Earl Sweatshirt  from a photo reference:


At the time I was pumped! It kind of looks like him. Unfortunately,  the more I look at it the less I like it but it is massive compared to what I thought I’d be able to put together.

Somewhere along the line I got the idea to draw statues, mainly because I thought the exaggerated lighting and shadow would help me understand  how to shade correctly to indicate form and give a sense of depth.


I might have failed in that regard but again I was generally happy. I just need to draw like a hundred more of them. I also felt that my value range was woefully inadequate so took some time drawing some tone bars.

When that got boring, I went back to photos:


And this is probably my favourite thing from the whole book. This or the HQ anyway. I also started putting that pinstripe signature thing on each page. I know signing sketchbooks is silly but I’m really just practicing consistency with it.

I then decided to try a car in the three quarter view. I failed completely miserably three times before arriving here:


Disregard the fuck off massive signature thing. I obviously got over excited and decided to make it massive. This came from a photo of Lee Bektash’s prostocker but I left off the graphics because I couldn’t get my head around the perspective involved. It also looks particularly flat but ill try and build on that as I work through the next book.

I have also posted these photos on a DeviantArt and Tumblr page as a bit of an experiment. I’ve not used either of them before and I’m curious to see what happens.

In my next post, whenever that might be, I will throw up a couple of the activities from Drawing on the Right Side and give the perspective of someone that book is actually aimed at- the I have NFI  beginner.

Thanks for looking, and as dangerous as this may be, any constructive criticism is appreciated.



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