Episode Two

This week proved to be a bit of a milestone- I finished a sketchbook.

Sure, most of it is absolutely terrible and some of it rises to the standard of bad, but I stuck it out and every page wore a mark. I also took the plunge and uploaded a small selection of the better pieces to DeviantArt and Tumblr.

I’m not expecting gushing praise and I know I may have my soul destroyed by those who have had their inhibitions freed by posting online but I did it. No comments yet, but some people have clicked the little star thing (I don’t know what that means yet).

Once I figure out how to move the photos from my iPhone to my tablet I will post them  here as well.

Tomorrow is my birthday and also marks ten years to the day that I came home from Iraq. I can’t saw a massive deal has changed in that time except I am more cynical, jaded and more of a sook than ever. Just driving to work this morning I was thinking how much I am looking forward to getting out of here in a few weeks. I can’t wait to get those hours back that are currently getting burnt the commute.

Also, as it is my birthday, now is the time to set some new goals in line with my quest to get better as I get older, not worse. I can’t hide the fact the last couple of years have been tough so I want to undo some stuff. This time next year I will weigh less than 90kg,  squat 115 for reps, bench 90, easily peel off 50 pushups  under test conditions and run a 5 km in less than 23 minutes. All achievable and most people will probably  consider it laughable but you get that. I’ll also finish four sketchbooks at a rate of one a quarter and stick to my study schedule for uni. Of course, in amongst that will be continuing to care for my family.

In my next posts I will throw down the work from my sketchbook (I refuse to call anything I do art and always will) and give my thoughts about Betty Edwards’ Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain. That may seem like adding yet another (unqualified) voice to what is already an overwhelming chorus but I haven’t really seen any comments from those the book is aimed at- the bare bones beginner. Hopefully someone finds it useful.



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