Episode One

Here we go.

I have ummed  and ahhed,  procrastinated, deliberated and written half a post just to delete it immediately. This time I will make a post. I will break the seal, make the first mark on the paper even if it kills me.

I guess this is the hardest part about a blog without a purpose- what is it all for? And that question has been attempted by countless emotional little bloggers the world over and it’s something I will be guilty of from time to time too. Yes, I can’t help myself: There will be whinges.

But this will hopefully serve a bit more of a purpose. I started drawing a little while back and now I have a goal. It is something I have spoken about with some mates but not many other people and they tell me where they are at as well. It is funny where motivation comes from but hearing about other people backing themselves in, or sacrificing to improve themselves, regardless of the fear of embarrassment or failure is pretty inspiring. Don’t worry, I won’t be posting a hundred shitty quotes typed over photos of sunsets.

Now, I’m not saying I’m an expert or I’m going to achieve some spectacular end state.  I won’t be earning thousands in commissions or dazzling the world with my talents. All I want to do is draw cars… how hard can it be?

Win, lose or draw I will be sharing how I improve as I plow forward. I’m hoping that means we are starting on the ground floor and the only way is up. I’m not far off finishing my first sketchbook and I will  be sure to post photos here as soon as I do.



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